Hydraulic Hoses

Our assemblies are made while you wait!

We offer a wide selection of imperial and metric hose ends. Our collection of sizes varies from 3/16″ to 2″, and includes hoses capable of handling up to 10,000 PSI!

Tube Assemblies

Fabricating Tube Assemblies is our specialty!

We offer imperial and metric Tube Assemblies up to 42mm, as well as custom heater coils. Same-day completion available! (Extra charges may apply)

Pipe Cutting & Threading

Pipe Nipples made while you wait.

Our fully-equipped pipe shop offers threading and grooving of pipes up to 2″!

Mobile Services

Free delivery on orders of $75 or more!

Mobile services include: On-Site Emergency Line Service, On-Site Installations & Repairs, and Inventory Management.

Lathe & Milling Work

Customize your solution.

We offer custom-made Hoses & Tube Ends, Manifolds, Adapters, Fabrication & Machining!

Welding, Repairs & Rebuilds

Repairs on most Cylinders, Valves & Motors.

Ask about our custom-built Heat Exchangers, Power Packs, Brackets and Platforms!