Heavy Equipment Reference Guide for Fitting Configurations

Important: This information is intended to be used as a guide for machine types, countries of origin, and thread types. Changes made by OEM's or End User's may prove otherwise.
Atlas Cranes German DKL/DKS
Atlas Excavators German DKL/DKS/Flange
Belarus Tractor Russian DKLL
Biteli Italy DKL/DKS/DKO
Bobcat American JIC
Bomag German DKL/DKS/DKO
Case American JIC/NPT/ORFS/Flange
Caterpillar American JIC/NPT/ORFS/Flange
Cougar American JIC/NPT
Clarke Michigan American JIC/NPT
Demag German DKL/DKS/DKO/Flange
Ditchwitch American JIC/NPT/ORFS
Dynapac Sweden DKL/DKS/DKO/Flange
Fiat Italy DKL/DKS
Finlay British BSP
Ford B/Hoe American JIC
Gradall American JIC/NPT/ORFS
Grove Cranes American JIC/NPT/ORFS/Flange
Hanamag German DKL/DKS/DKO
Hitachi Japan ORFS/Flanges
J.C.B. British BSP
John Deere American ORFS/Flange
Hiabb British BSPP Flatface
Kato Japan BSP/Flange
Kobelco France Millimetrique/Flange
Koehring American JIC/NPT/Flange
Komatsu Japan JIS Metric/Flange
Dramer B/Hoe German DKL/DKS/DKO
Drupp Cranes German DKL/DKS/DKO
Kubota Japan BSP
Liebherr German DKL/DKS/DKO/Flange
Linkbelt British/American BSP/Flange/JIC/NPT
Manato Japan JIS (BSPP)
Massey Ferguson American JIC/NPT
Mitsubishi-mobile Japan JIS(BSPP)
Mitsubishi-industrial Japan JIS (BSPP) /BSPP
Mustang American JIC
O & K German DKL/DKS/DKO/Flange
P & H German JIS (BSPP) /Flange
Poclain French GAZ/DKL/DKS/Flange
Power Screen British BSP
Terex American JIC/NPT/Flange
Vibromax German DKL/DKS/DKO
Volvo Sweden DKL/DKS/DKO/Flange
Wertgen German DKL/DKS/DKO/Flange
Zetor Tractor Yugoslavia DKL/DKS/DKO
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